YFN-IAM, Another Update

Last night the power of God continued to move, even though we had a brownout (power outage). Twenty one new believers were added into the family of God. Tonight is our final night and we are expecting Christ to punctuate this incredible week with a huge exclamation point.
Pastor Chris shares the Good News of Christ with the hundreds who are hungry for Christ.


  1. i was at the background listening to the screams...amidst all the noise, the show goes on...

    and he loves us oh how...

    all things come together for my good...( i dunno the songs..lol)

    i had a 30 min oppurtunity to visit the gym...ive heard testimonies of God's LOVE...

    and im off to go for work...
    lights and i am ignite a movement
    goes on...nd i wished to stay..

    Kudos to all the Staff!


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