Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Leaping off the Leadership Development post, I have some somewhat sad news. Chris and the kids will be leaving for the States this Saturday. They leave for Manila on Friday, and then fly onward to the States on Saturday, arriving in Baltimore around midnight (Maryland time) Saturday evening.

Why is this sad? My responsibilities with the internship require me to say in Iloilo until the internship is completed. I will be returning to the States March 23. We have never been apart as a family for so long. Honestly I am very much not looking forward to being away from my family. I am not looking at this as a "break" from my kids so I can finally do some "real ministry." I am willing to fulfill my responsibilities here in Iloilo, especially as it involves training future full-time missionaries. However, I am not at all looking forward to being apart from my most favorite people in the world.

The reason why Chris needs to leave for the States at this time is because of the pregnancy, she needs to start getting care in Maryland where our fourth child will eventually be born.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we will spend one more full day together, then they leave Iloilo early Friday morning.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are apart. Please keep Chris and the kids in your prayers as they transition into life in the States. Also pray for safe and uneventful travels.


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  2. Lord God, cover Chris, Eric, Faith, Danny, and the Anasco yet to come with your protection as they travel right now. Grant them favor with all customs officers they encounter, and may they spread your gospel even as they travel.

  3. I will try to take care of them!!! Dave you are there for a purpose and I know you know that!! Even though it may be hard it will be worth it!