Tuesday, November 27, 2012

People are Our Project

In about two months, the next Timothy Internship Program (TIP)-Iloilo, Philippines will begin. This is one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of our missionary life. To refresh your memory, TIP is a ten week internship where we train future full time missionaries. We have directed four internships here in Iloilo so far.
Of the interns who have participated in these four internships, many are now full time missionaries with Go To Nations, currently serving on the foreign mission field.

Natalie Mattes serves with us here in Iloilo. She has a heart to reach the people of the San Isidro Relocation Village. She labors there weekly, doing community development, a livelihood project, and she is also helping plant a local church in that village. Christine joins Natalie each Thursday to minister at the village.

Natalie oversees a tutoring program for the street kids of the Sonshine Center and she helps lead worship at her local church. She is also a graduate student at Regent University, achieving her MBA.
Natalie is also the assistant director the Timothy Internship Program here in Iloilo, greatly and ably assisting Christine and I to train future full time missionaries.
Rodney McDonald is the founder and director of the Calvary Bible Institute-Iloilo Bible school, currently in it's second year. After spending years building relationships with the pastors of many local churches here in Iloilo, he has now offered these churches Bible training for their church leaders and staff. CBI has a "teach and release" philosophy of training. Churches will send their leaders and ministers to CBI, they become equipped through a formal Bible school training, and then they are released back into their local church as able and more mature ministers. Currently the second batch of CBI-Iloilo has over twenty Bible school students.

Rodney also teaches in Bible schools throughout Southeast Asia, having taught in Macau, Nepal, and in closed access nations.
Rodney has a vision to expand CBI Iloilo to the more remote areas of our island.
Craig and Jen Ames and their son Samuel are brand new to the mission field. They completed their internship in April of this year, and they have recently made the leap of faith to their first full time foreign missions posting in Thailand. The Ames have a heart to reach people involved in human trafficking. Their missionary adventure has just begun.

These are just a few of the missionaries who have completed the Timothy Internship Program, Iloilo. Others are serving or have served in many nations. Our project is people- training, encouraging, equipping people to do incredible things for God. Raise up ministers, and ministry will follow. If you raise up a ministry, when you are finished and leave the field, then you are done. When you raise up ministers, you are never done. 


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