Tuesday, December 18, 2012

San Isidro Relocation Village

San Isidro is one of the sites in Iloilo where hundreds of families have been relocated. Most of the families were moved there after Typhoon Frank flooded areas of Iloilo in 2008. Since that time, Go To Nations missionaries have been working in San Isidro to help the families in the community. I have been blessed to join Natalie Mattes every Thursday in the community. We spend much of our time walking around the community meeting people, praying for families and tutoring some of the children. 
This past Sunday I was able to join the CHE visitor graduation ceremony and Christmas party. CHE stands for Community Health Evangelism- it is a program designed to educate the community on healthy living and growing spiritually. The great thing about the program is that it is organized and run by the people in the community. 

Ma'am Rose is a CHE trainer and pastor of a weekly Bible Study in San Isidro.  She has been faithfully serving in San Isidro since the work started there.

 There is always singing at Christmas parties.

 I tutor this young girl every Thursday. I love visiting with this family.

This is the first group of CHE visitors with Ma'am Rose. Hopefully Natalie and Ma'am Rose will train another batch of CHE visitors next year.


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