Dude, the Philippines is hot!

I sit here typing this, and sweat drips off my arms. Bright and early in the morning, around 8:30, when the sun is high enough, it is already 95 degrees. Coming out from under the shade the sun is like a hammer, especially in the afternoons. I take about three showers a day, to rinse the sticky, thin film of sweat off my skin. While we are used to these kinds of temperatures in the States, what we also have in the States is the constant presence of air conditioners everywhere we go--in our cars, homes, places of business, etc. Not so here in the Philippines.

We do have air conditioners in our home here in the Philippines, but honestly we hardly ever run them. Thankfully our family has gotten used to the heat. While it can get oppressive at times, especially when doing any kind of manual labor or lifting, for the most part the heat does not bother us. Even at night, we are now accustomed to sleeping with just a fan, even with the heat and humidity.

For any of you reading this who will be visiting us soon (hey Jimmy and Beth Capone!) prepare for some hot times.


  1. Anonymous10:57 PM

    But surely you can run the ac for your visiters. Seriously, we want the full experience, heat and all. Bring it on, brother!

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Oh, I remember the heat so well! It's been 11 years this month since I have been in the Philippines, but the heat is something not easily forgotten. I remember sitting in a hotel lobby at 2:00 AM in Manila (1:00 PM here), also dripping with sweat. It's funny how we all got used to it, though.


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