Two Weeks, Lasting Impact

For the past two weeks we have been ministering with a short term missions team from Capital Life Church (located in the Washington D.C. area). This church is blessed to have Bill Shuler as the senior pastor. I grew up under Pastor Bill's ministry as a student at Oral Roberts University.  During my studies there he was our campus pastor. Indeed, myself along with thousands of other ORU students are a part of Pastor Bill's growing legacy. I am a product of ORU, and much of the spiritual impact I received as a student there was a direct result of his ministry.

For several years our family has been blessed to share at their church in Northern Virginia. The last time we were there they expressed an interest in sending a team to minister with us in the Philippines. So this is what we have been up to these last two weeks. We have been doing day camps throughout the Visayas, first in Guimaras and then in Roxas. Through these camps, partnering with area churches, we have been able to minister to nearly 400 children. 

This team was unique in that among the adults who came, we also had a family of six join the team. Tim and Marilyn brought all four of their kids ages seven, five, three, and their youngest, just one year old. Their kids prove once again that children, no matter how young in age, do not have to be "future" missionaries, they can be missionaries NOW.

This afternoon we said goodbye to the team.  While their trip is over, the impact of their time here will be eternal.