The Journey of (Almost) Ten Thousand Mlles . . .

begins with the first step.

Cebu Pacific airlines flight 542 Iloilo to Manila departing Iloilo 6:05 AM arriving in Manila 7:05AM.

China Southern airlines flight 3092 Manila to Guangzhou, China departing Manila 11:55 AM arriving in Guangzhou 2:15 PM.

Seven hour layover in China, hoping to take advantage of the free Chinese transit visa so we can make a day trip into Guangzhou.

China Southern airlines flight 327 departing China 9:30 PM arriving in Los Angeles May 8 7:00 PM PDT. On this flight we will be taking the largest commercial passenger jet in service, the Airbus A 380.

Delta airlines flight 883 Los Angeles to Orlando departing Los Angeles 10:18 PM arriving in Orlando Thursday May 9 5:59 AM.

Please pray for safe and uneventful travels.