They Call Her Ms. CRICS.


CRICS--Chiang Rai International Christian School.  Our kids attend this school and Chris has been teaching there for three years.  Because of it's homeschool roots, the teachers at CRICS are called Mr. or Ms. "first name." So for one of Chris' students, instead of Ms. Chris she is Ms. CRICS!

CRICS exists to reach Thai people through Christian education. The CRICS student body is about 30% Thai (most from Buddhist families). Recently I met a local business woman who is hoping to send her kids to the school. I asked her why, even though she is Buddhist, did she want to send her kids to a Christian school. She told me the reputation of CRICS is excellent, it is a safe place for students, and it is the best international school in Chiang Rai.

CRICS also exists for servant families ministering in church planting, community development, human trafficking, and other efforts. This school is an anchor for missionary families like ours, helping us to establish our family in our Thailand home and fulfill our calling.

Learn more about CRICS, watch this two minute video.