"You really care, and I can tell."


These are the words from one of the moms at CRICS, her son is a second grader.  She is Thai, she is buddhist, she is a successful business owner, affluent, etc. There are a number of international schools in our region, she chooses CRICS. She loves our school, she loves that her son is a student here. She told me, "The culture here is amazing--no bullying, high school kids play with younger kids, like a big family."

So this post is a shout out to the amazing staff of Chiang Rai International Christian School. As most of you know, the international staff are missionary volunteers, who are not salaried--even the superintendent, and others in administration (like Chris who is the elementary school principal)--do not receive a paycheck. They serve at CRICS because they love God and love His people.

Seventy percent of the student body at CRICS is reserved for missionary children. Thirty percent is reserved for Thai families so that the school can reach Thailand through Christian education.

This mom told me she knows we are all volunteers, and she told me, "You teach from the heart, and I can tell. That is why this school is the best."

Your love for others will prove to the world that you are my disciples. John 13:35

Every Tuesday morning is school wide chapel. Recently Chris spoke at chapel about the power of encouragement.
The current medical crisis kept several of our teachers from returning to Thailand in time for the start of term, so Chris spent the first part of the school year doing TWO full time jobs: grade five (Gabi's class!) teacher AND elementary principal.