Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guam, USA

We had one of the most enjoyable and relaxing family vacations ever in Guam, USA. It was so cool to be in the United States of America, we were in our home country. There is something about being on your native soil, seeing the Stars and Strips flying overhead, hearing English (or rather American) being spoken. I love America, and I appreciate my country even more now living overseas.

Guam is a tiny island in the middle of the big Pacific Ocean. The beaches on the island are beautiful, with white sand and clear, blue water. We all enjoyed the sand and surf.
For this expatriate, Guam was a breath of fresh air for so many reasons. It was nice to be in a clean, first world place. Guam was so familiar, from the street signs to the stores, it was a little slice of America. While I am getting more and more accustomed to my Filipino home, I am still an American. It was wonderful to be in a first world country where the streets are clean, where it is safe to drink the water from the tap, and where the restrooms have toilet paper. Being among these familiar things has truly recharged my batteries.

For this family vacation, we considered going to Beijing or Shanghai, or perhaps back to Hong Kong. I am glad we went instead to a place that had things like fun beaches, and familiar things like Circle K convenience stores and good American food. Four days in Guam was exactly what our family needed. We will be back.


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