Happy Birthday to Me

First we had the Danny's Big One, and today we had the big Thirty-seven. Today is my birthday, and I am thirty-seven years old. My wife, Chris, keeps reminding me that the big FOUR-OH is approaching. Actually I still feel pretty young. Having three kids, and the fun they bring, definitely makes me feel younger.

Jason Branch is my oldest friend. Not in the sense that I do not have any friends that are older in age than him, but in the sense that we have known each other so long. There is no one else, besides family, that I have known longer. We met when we were just six years old.

He and his family made their second trip to the other side of the world. Last year they came around this time, working with the Sonshine Center, blessing the street kids, and this year they have returned. This was a great birthday gift, a visit from my oldest friend. They will be here until the 11th of August, working at the Sonshine Center, specifically in the area of the feeding program. I know they will be a blessing, and I know they will be blessed.