Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back Home

For security reasons, I did not post from “Nevada.” I am now safely back home in Iloilo. The hardest part of making these trips is being away from my favorite people. I really hate to be away from my family. I got home around lunchtime. I love coming home to the hugs and kisses of my wife and kids.

I was in “Nevada” for three days. It is always good to visit there. This was my fifth trip to “Nevada.” We had nearly sixty students at the Bible school. Many of these students are already helping lead and pastor churches in the Underground, or will eventually plant their own church after they graduate.

Our agency, Calvary International, has been conducting Bible schools (CBI, Calvary Bible Institutes) throughout Asia for almost twenty years. Statistically one in three CBI graduates go on to plant their own church. There are over three billion people in Asia. Calvary Bible Institute is training church leaders to help transform over one-third of the globe for Christ.

Helping train church leaders, this is why I love being a missionary.

Pictures from this incredible trip can be found here.


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