Thursday, October 01, 2009

Five Years

This was the scene five years ago today, a very young Eric and Faith were watching a Veggie Tales DVD on my Powerbook while sitting in LAX, waiting for our flight to Asia. We had reduced all our belongings to eight suitcases and a few backpacks, we were leaving our American life and about to embark on our new missionary life in the Philippines.

So much has happened over these five years, but the biggest thing that we have seen and heard is God's faithfulness. God has proven over and over that He is more than faithful to meet all our needs, and to take good care of His people. This has been an incredible adventure, and honestly, we feel we are just getting started.

Another big lesson learned is obedience. We are nothing special, if our family can do this, ANYBODY can do this. Obedience is the key, that is all God is looking for.

We rejoice with the Lord over what He has done in us and through us these five wonderful years on the mission field, and we look forward to what He has planned for us in the future.

Five years ago today we arrived in the Philippines to begin our full time, foreign missionary service. WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED.

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  1. LAX... my fav. airport ever! lol We ALWAYS fly out of there. Time flies by so fast on the mission field, no? Keep up with the good work! We've been here almost ten years... and we're just getting started too! : )

    Loved the picture!

    ~ Sarah Beth