Only 24 Pounds

This precious little girl is five years old and weighs only twenty four pounds. She lives in the Calajunan city dump area.

My youngest son, Danny, is two years younger than her, and yet he weighs more. The fact of the matter is, most pets in the United States are better fed and have better health care than most of the children we work with.

We are trying to change that. Working with a local church near the city dump site, the Sonshine Center is expanding its ministry presence in the Calajunan area. We still bring the kids to Saturday Kids Club, but it has been on our hearts to do more for the poorest of the poor. Calvary missionaries Nate and Abegail Shuck and Mike and Jude Kelly, along with Rodney McDonald have started a major community development project in this area. A survey of the families and the homes has been conducted, the kids were weighed, needs were assessed, and goals were set. A regular feeding program has also been started. Abegail told me how the kids were so excited about the soup being served--they were excited about the size of the bits of chicken in the soup.

So we are hoping to fatten these kids up a bit, and also we are hoping to fill their hearts, their homes, and their lives with God's love.


  1. wow. It just breaks your heart, doesn't it? The overwhelming need of this lost world. I pray the Lord would greatly bless this outreach ministry.

    ~ Sarah Beth

  2. awww. give me love to my kids there!

    that is so exciting btw!


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