Saturday, October 01, 2011

Just Getting Started

This picture was taken on this date seven years ago, here is Eric and Faith, watching a Veggie Tales DVD on my Powerbook at LAX.

We are getting ready to take our Air China flight across the Pacific Ocean and begin our full-time missionary career.

Seven years (and two more kids) later, we are still serving in Asia. This continues to be an amazing adventure.

We are about to make a similar journey.  

Our flight plan:
Tuesday October 4
Baltimore-Washington International to Pearson International (Toronto)
Air Canada flight 7927 departing 6:30a arriving 8:12a

Pearson International to Hong Kong
Air Canada flight 15 departing 10a arriving 1:15p Wednesday October 5.

Hong Kong to Manila
Cebu Pacific flight 119 departing 7:30p arriving 9:30p

Overnight in Manila

Thursday October 6, Manila to Iloilo
Cebu Pacific flight 457 departing 4:50p arriving 5:15p

Please bathe our travels in prayer. We are hoping for peaceful and uneventful travels at all points. Please also pray for a quick transition to back to life in Iloilo.


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