On the way to church there was a funeral procession. The person who passed away was not very rich since there was no car or hearse carrying the coffin. The simple wooden coffin was being carried by the mourners, being followed by some carrying flowers. What is striking about this is that the coffin was very small. A child had passed away. The most striking thing about this funeral procession, however, was that children were carrying the coffin. Children were carrying the flowers. The mourners were all children, no adults. No mother or father to grieve this child's passing. Not even an uncle or Auntie to assist in the burial. Just children.

In a country were over half of the population is under the age of 18, there are so many who are fatherless and motherless. One such child was buried last Sunday.


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    This is an intesting topic. I find myself this week heading to a funeral. Except it's not for a child, but for an Uncle who lost his way in this world. Yesterday is just a wrinkle on our foreheads, we live for today, are you satisfied with who you are? This is the words from a song and it has put me face to face with reality. I pray for all my family members and friends today, that they may come to know Him., The Cheese Man


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