This week we found out that some of the Sonshine Center girls are no longer coming to Center, the reason being they have sold themselves into prostitution. Their family situation has become so desperate, their needs so great, they have sold their bodies to make money for their families. These girls are just kids, barely twelve or thirteen. I am filled with a righteous rage that men would take advantage of young girls in this way. My heart is broken that their families, often with their parent's consent, have taken this very desperate measure to make money.

What can be done for the poor? Are we really accomplishing anything? My faith is encouraged by the story of Nomil. Nomil is currently studying in the States at Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI). He came to Camp Sonshine Philippines many years ago, first as a camper, then volunteering as an assistant counselor. As he got older he was offered a job to work at the Sonshine Center as a paid employee. He is now studying at CFNI for a year on a full scholarship, tuition, room, board, everything. Here is a young man who came to Camp Sonshine as a young boy who is now growing into godly adulthood, and studying at one of the premier Bible schools in the United States. His was life was transformed by the ministry of Camp Sonshine. Now Christ has blessed him with an opportunity to study in America.

Are we really accomplishing anything? For Nomil, the answer is definitely "yes."


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    Dave, I can't tell you how long it took me to get the set up right so I can comment. Lets just say I don't remeber what I was going to say. Now that the tech part is done, I should be able to share my thoughts with out the distraction of this set up.....

    Seeds are being planted and you will see a harvest, the rock has struck the water and the ripples are farther reaching then the eye can see. The Lord is on your side and you and your family are impacting the lives of many, who inturn will impact the lives of many more.


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