Last week we started praying everyday for Eric to find a friend here. Faith was fortunate in that she had Cora, even though she is a year younger than Faith, they get along very well, often disappearing off in their own world playing their little games. Eric and Faith are also very good friends.We started praying for Eric to have such a good guy friend here.

Before we knew it, the Lord answered our prayer. Jandar is a two weeks older than Eric and he lives in the house next door, and they love playing together. This morning we heard him through our window saying, "eric, eric, are you awake yet?" As I write this he, Eric and Faith are running around outside in our courtyard.

Yet again the Lord shows us that He cares about the little and big things. Actually for a seven year old boy having a good friend is not so little a thing. And more importantly He shows us yet again that things happen when we pray.