As of this writing, we have twenty four days left here in the United States. I have enjoyed my first Stateside furlough. I have enjoyed the comforts of this country like hot showers, cooler weather, public libraries, etc. Most of all I have enjoyed seeing family and friends, what we have missed most of all. It continues to be a wonderful visit here in the U.S.

I was worried that at the end of our time here in the States, that I would dread going back, that I would become so used to the comforts and familiarity of our U.S. home, that I would regret having to leave it. Honestly, I am starting to feel different about that. I am looking forward to going back. Now my tune may change twenty four days from now, or actually twenty five days from now when I step off the plane and get hit by the heat of the Philippines, or when I turn on the water for my first cold shower. Right now I am getting excited about going back.

So much of missionary life is simply everyday life, taking care of the kids, doing dishes, going to work, etc. At the same time life on missions can be a big adventure. Even though I am just an ordinary man, I feel that the Lord has made my days extra-ordinary. I truly love what I do, I am looking forward to going back.


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Hey David, this is Mike (big guy with the goatee that you met at the Links tonight) thanks again for sharing about your work. Question for you:
    Mayor Jerry P. TreƱas said the curfew will be observed from 11:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. during weekdays and 12:00 midnight to 4:00 in the morning during weekends. Minors, he said, are forbidden to loiter in public views, bars and night clubs, and amusement places. The curfew, however, will not apply to minors accompanied by their parents, guardians or adult custodians and to minors in lawful pursuit of their parents’ or guardians’ livelihood. Minors found in such places but whose presence thereat are either beyond their control or with excusable reasons are likewise exempt from the curfew.
    Do you think this means they won't be rounding up the street children as long as they stay away from establishments at night?
    Again great meeting your family, I'll make sure to stop by here.


  2. Rong,

    Good to hear from you, and we enjoyed meeting with you and your group at the Links. As far as the street kids and cufew, it is my understanding that the police round up any children who are out after curfew. The kids then have to spend a couple of days in the local prison, not a pretty place.

    I appreciate your interest in our ministry. Blessings.


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