Broadband is Here

Iloilo City is not as urbanized as Manila. It is much smaller, just over half a million people. We are considered in the provinces, and that means we lack many first world comforts and conveniences. However we do have several broadband services available in our city. All last year we did not have Internet service in our home. It was too expensive, and we found ways to manage without by going to wireless hotspots and Internet cafes.

A new Internet service was made available for just P788 (about $13) a month. We signed up and we are so happy we did. It is not as fast as what is available in the States, but it is still pretty good, and I am able to share the connection using a wireless router, so Chris and I can both be on network at the same time. She uses it for homeschool and preschool planning. I use it to maintain our website, this blog, and email and communications. It is so nice to have high speed Internet in our home. It is a way to bring some of what we miss in the U.S. to our home here in the Philippines. I can even listen to WBAL online.

We are very thankful for this resource, especially since it was much cheaper that we planned. Once again we see the God always gives us the tools we need to succeed.


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM


    Am glad for your in-home internet. Love the updated family pic, too.


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