Can U reed dis?

Txtg on cel fons is vry populr here in da Phils, it is da cheapst way 2 comunic8. Only costs 1 piso per txt, about 2 cnts. US$, sinc U R limitd in wat U can say, most peple abrevi8 der msgs using letrs and numbrs, and shorteng words. Dis can B confusng, but U soon get da hang of it. I am sorta old skool in dat I usualy spel out da ntire word in my msgs, peple say dat takes 2 long, and abrevi8n is EZr. It can B somwat confusn 2 get a txt lyk dis, specialy when its in Ilongo, but I can usaly figur it out.

Translation of the above in English:
Texting on cell phones is very popular here in the Philippines, it is the cheapest way to communicate. It only costs 1 piso per text, about 2 cents in US money, since you are limited in what you can say, most people abbreviate their messages, using letters and numbers, and shortening words. This can be confusing, but you soon get the hang of it. I am sort of old school in that I usually spell out the entire word in my messages, people say that takes too long, and abbreviating is easier. It can be somewhat confusing to get a text like this, especially when it is in Illonggo, but I can usually figure it out.