Christ the Redeemer Missions Conference

One this first day of the conference we had an evening service conducted by the senior pastor, Daniel Williams. He is the founder of Calvary International, and a few years ago the Lord told him to step down as the president of the Calvary and start a church.

As a missionary, I have always maintained that what we do overseas is no different from ministry anywhere. If you are obedient and follow the Lord, to the Philippines to a full-time job as a police officer or an engineer, than it really does not matter much, obedience is what matters. I still feel that way. I am no different or more holy than any other Christian. Being a missionary does not afford me a higher status in the Kingdom of God. We are all called to obey, to follow the Lord. Wherever He leads, to the boardroom or to the underground church.

Here I am made to feel like a hero. I am encouraged and blessed again and again. They thank us for making the sacrifices of leaving home and the familiar, and go to the other side of the world. I am so encouraged and blessed by their regard.

While I still maintain that what we are doing now is no less or more godly than what we were doing before, I appreciate their encouragement. I know the Lord called us to the States for the time we were there. He called me to be a computer guy working at the library for the time I was there. Missions and the Philippines was simply next, the next thing for us. I still feel that way. This is not an attempt to secure my place in Heaven, that is already taken care of. This is simply next. And we will keep on doing this "next" until the next thing God tells us to do.