Pastor Ted

I have always been impressed with the life and ministry of Pastor Ted Haggard. He graduated from ORU in the 70's, and he would return to the school to preach during chapel services and also to conduct the annual Men's Conference for the Students. I was always impressed with his straight talk and uncompromising attitude concerning personal integrity.

With a very heavy heart I have been following the scandals that have been swirling around him over these passed few days. I now have heard that after voluntarily stepping down from the senior pastorate of New Life Church in Colorado Springs (a church he started in his living room), the church's oversight board has now dismissed him outright. The associate pastor and worship leader, Ross Parsley will be serving as the interim senior pastor.

I knew Ross while at ORU, he was the student worship leader during chapel services. My brother Eric moved to Colorado Springs to work with the church and their worship department. I remember sitting in Pastor Ross' office still shell shocked over the sudden death of my brother from an auto accident.

My heart and prayers go out to Pastor Ted and his family. I still admire the ministry he has built and the impact for Christ he has had through his now 14,000 member church. I also am praying for my friend Pastor Ross as he now is called upon to lead this congregation through this difficult time. Join me in my prayers for them.


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    On Wednesday evening, I received a "breaking news" e-mail from Yahoo:

    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) The Rev. Ted Haggard says he is stepping down as president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

    My first question was, "Why?" When I read the accusations, I thought to myself, please let all this be untrue. Ted Haggard is a good man.

    I, too, have always had the utmost respect for Pastor Ted. In fact, I looked forward someday to a trip to Colorado to visit family in Denver and to attend New Life Church in "The Springs." I was devastated by the news, as I'm sure so many more were.

    I'm pleased that it appears he and his wife are going to work through this, and I truly believe he will find healing and restoration. My sincerest prayers are for him, his family, New Life Church, and the people of Colorado, where I know he has made a huge impact.


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