We are being spoiled.

We are currently in Ocala, FL, staying at my Mom's house. We are being spoiled. She cooks whatever we want, or she takes us out to eat. She even does our laundry and folds the clothes! We are truly being spoiled.

This was a good place for us to get over jet lag. Not only because we are being so spoiled, but it is also a little warmer here than in Maryland, so we can become slowly accustomed to the much colder weather here in the States this time of the year.

The kids are having a blast. My Mom has this routine, where she takes them to McDonald's with a huge playplace for lunch, then she takes them to the dollar store. She also takes them shopping for lunch stuff and treats, and she took them to see Happy Feet, some penguin cartoon movie.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My Mom has been cooking for almost two days. I know this will be quite a feast. Then after the holiday she is taking us to Walt Disney World for two days.

Danny is also spoiling us in that he is no longer getting up at 5:30 or 6:00, but sleeping in until 8:00.

Eric helps make things more festive.