Pressure isn't always bad. Especially when it comes to water. For three years we have lived without water pressure. When someone was doing the dishes, you could not take a shower. If a toilet was flushed, you had to wait until the tank filled up before you washed your hands in the sink. Then when the laundry was being washed in our washing machine, all other water needs had to be put on hold. It would literally take an hour to wash a single load of laundry.

Then something wonderful happened. About a week ago we got our pipes cleaned. It's like we have a whole new plumbing system. You can actually wash the dishes and have someone take a shower at the same time. Laundry now takes thirty minutes to wash. And showers are wonderful. We used to do the fill the bucket and dump method, but now no more. For three years we lived without water pressure. I am glad those three years are over. We will be sure to have our pipes cleaned yearly.

Now we may have to get a "widowmaker."