Intern Adventure

This has been quite the trip. At first the interns were almost not allowed on their American Airlines flight (when they left the States). AA was interpreting Filipino immigration law incorrectly, and they were insisting that they needed a return ticket out of the Philippines within twenty-one days of their arrival. Thankfully the folk at Calvary headquarters straightened things out so they were able to get on their flight.

Then last night I got an email from them, they are stuck in Tokyo! They had a medical emergency on their flight and they had to return to their point of origin. So they missed their connecting flight to Manila. So now they are scheduled to fly to Manila today, arriving at 1:30p. Thankfully our flight to Iloilo is not until 4:00p.

One intern, Rod, arrived last night at 6:00p. He was coming from Canada. We have enjoyed hanging out in the big town. Hopefully we can find a Starbucks before we have to go to the airport.

Prayerfully there will be no more hiccups.