Family Vacation

We are enjoying some vacation time with Chris' family--her mom, her dad, and her sister's family. We usually take a week long vacation with them whenever we are Stateside. This year we are enjoying visiting the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

Even though it has been nearly two years since I have driven (we don't have a car in the Philippines), I love taking a road trip. America is a vast and beautiful land, and I enjoy driving to visit different places. For Easter Sunday we enjoyed a nearly three mile hike in the Smokey Mountain National park. We climbed all the way to Laurel Falls

Or course I can never get away from doing some work, even while on vacation. Our resort has free wireless Internet, see my temporary office below:

I love the view.


  1. We love Tennessee! It's so beautiful. So glad ya'll are getting to experience it. Kim loves road trips, too. :-) Faith looks older!


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