Even if My Father and Mother Abandon Me . . .

Recently we visited the city of Davao on the island of Mindanao. There Go To Nations missionaries Ken and Cris Sandberg run (along with Bible schools, a church, and several other projects) the Living Stones Orphanage. There I met Baby B (pictured) a foundling, that is his mother left him at the door step of the orphanage.

Being a father of four, I cannot even imagine the heart-wrenching decision it must have been to simply leave your child at an orphanage, with the hope that he would have a better life. Looking at him I saw the faces of my own children, he even looks like he could be a relative!

Baby B is doing much better. He is healthy, strong, and active, and he will probably be adopted by a North American family or European family within the year.

Testing your teeth can be painful.
This is painted on the front wall of the orphanage:

Even if my father and mother abandon me 
the Lord will hold me close. 
Psalm 27:10


  1. We will be following the future of this little one closely as we named him, since he was a foundling. He was named after our middle son, who is now 19 and studying in university. Both were greatly loved of God from their mother's womb. One had a loving family all his life and the other, this little one who just turned one year old, will have a loving family soon, after he is matched through the adoption process. Please pray for the right family to get him and raise him to serve the Lord God Almighty.

    Ken & Cris Sandberg
    Directors, Living Stones Orphanage
    Davao City, Philippines


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