My Favorite Subject


Most of you know we have been involved in equipping and training believers to become full time missionaries. This is one of our primary roles as missionaries. Our desire is to reproduce what we are: long-term, successful ministers of Christ serving in a foreign country.

As a part of this equipping, we instruct our interns and missionary trainees in a variety of subjects: leadership, language acquisition, making disciples, cultural immersion, etc.

You may not know that my (David) absolute favorite subject to teach new missionaries is partner building. I love to teach missionaries how to raise support. It is one of my passions.  

One of the biggest reasons why I love teaching on this subject is a direct result of your faithfulness in your prayers, friendship, love, and financial support. Many of you have been investing in our ministry from the very beginning of our missionary career. God has used you as a clear demonstration of His faithfulness. For all of our years on the mission field, we have NEVER lacked; even as our family grew, as our ministry grew, as we made the transition from one nation to another--God has proven Himself to be supremely faithful over and over again, and He has used you to do that.

We hope all of you know how much we appreciate you. We could not do this without you. You are laboring right alongside us on the mission field, and together we will reap the same reward.

The reward of the supporter will be the same as the one on the field, all will share alike. 1 Samuel 30:24 (my paraphrase)

2004, "fresh off the boat" (with just two kids!) launching into our life's calling as missionaries.
2020, we (with a couple more kids added along the way) are still on the mission field.