Day One In-Country

The first day in this country that I cannot name. I am in one of the largest cities in this place. So many cities in this part of the world I can only describe using superlatives. This place is so this . . . or there are so many . . . It is on of the most unique cities I have ever visited in the world. I have read about this place for many years, I am now here seeing this place with my own eyes.

I found a free wireless network in a coffee shop. Their connection is very fast, and they are just two blocks from my hotel. Needless to say I will be visiting here quite often over the next week.

Met with our contacts here, to organize the week's schedule. I will be teaching several leaders of their work here. I need to meet my driver in a different place each morning. Fortunately, since I have dark hair and brown skin, I do not have to wear a disguise when I travel to the teaching place. Other Westerners who come to teach must sear sunglasses, long sleeves, and wear a big hat. If those who are watching see a white Westerner going to places off the beaten path, they will wonder and start to question and harass. I blend in very well. These underground church leaders are hard core and on the front lines. Some of them have been to prison, and some are being harassed by the authorities on a daily basis. These men need your prayers. If I get compromised, I get kicked out of the country, if they get compromised, they are beaten and put in jail. Their faith is an example to me.

I am so blessed to be here. This is an incredible opportunity, a great adventure. This is my life. I may be just an ordinary man, but I feel the Lord is making my days extraordinary.