Nap Time . . . Day Three In-country, First Day Teaching

As I write this, everyone else is sleeping. We ate lunch, and now everyone is taking a nap. They are sound asleep, a few of the students are even snoring.

My ride picked me up at 8:00 this morning. We joined the throngs of motor bikes and scooters during the Monday morning rush hour. We arrived at our location about thirty minutes later. I am teaching in a closed room, in the rear of a someone's house. All the windows are closed and curtains drawn. For security reasons, I am not allowed to step outside until the teaching day is over.

I am so humbled to be teaching these believers. They look to me like I am some kind of expert, when they are an example to me. Their faith comes with a high cost. Going to church is not just a quick Sunday drive away. Several of the students in this class are serving as pastors, and some of those pastors have been imprisoned. These students are very serious about reaching their country for Christ. They are in the midst of a revolution. They are praying that one day their home will become open to the Gospel, and they will no longer have to meet in secret places like this.

Their faith is an example to me because it is so strong and pure, it must be, for only someone whose faith is genuine and strong would continue to be a Christian in the midst of such persecution. They have seen many miracles in their midst, like people being healed from sickness, pastors being set free from prison, and one pastor even ran his motor scooter on water for a week because he was ministering in remote place with no gas stations. Jesus once turned water into wine at a wedding, I guess turning water into gasoline is easy for Him as well.

Well, nap time is over, and the students are starting to wake up. Class will begin soon.

Later . . .
What a day, I am exhausted, having been teaching for almost six hours. It is my privilege to be teaching these believers. I will do it again tomorrow.