Tomorrow I Go

I think I have everything ready for my trip to the closed/restricted country I mentioned in a previous post. I have removed anything in my bag, wallet, or luggage that could suggest that I am a missionary (business cards, magazines, etc.), and I have packed clothes that do not have a Christian theme, like a Camp Sonshine t-shirt. I am bringing only one Bible, and my Bible school teaching materials are gift wrapped.

I am told this is not overkill, and that this country is officially very hostile to any kind of missionary activity, even the mere suggestion. I still find it hard to fathom that in this day and age there is still such a country that oppresses and persecutes the Christian church. Now some would say that this nation is a sovereign nation, and it has the right to conduct its internal affairs as they see fit, without foreign intervention. Bull. Oppressing a group of people simply because they are Christians is unlawful and ungodly. It is my privilege to be going to such a place, in the face of the official government oppression, and defy them by teaching in the underground church.

There comes a time when people must choose whom they are going to follow, no matter what the cost. There comes a time when Christians must fully commit to God's will, no matter where it may take you.



  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Know that you are being covered in prayer and that the Lord's hand will be mighty upon you. Fear not, the Lord is going to bless your trip abundantly. Go get 'em brother! Look forward to hearing a good report.



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