Somewhere in Southeast Asia, Day Two

Nap time again, I may join in the sleeping later. It is so good to be back here again, it feels like I never left.

After just a one hour flight to Manila and then a two hour flight from Manila to here, I find myself back in this country I cannot name. Day two in-country is the first day teaching, and I am so blessed to be teaching the same group of students I was with the last time I was here. It is nice to be remembered, and to see my brothers and friends again. I am still so challenged by their example and their faith. Persecution makes the faith of a church very pure. That is very obvious from these Christians. Their hunger for knowledge is humbling and inspiring.

Walking around the markets, or sitting on the back of a scooter on the way to the safe house feels comfortably familiar, like I have returned to a place I know and love so much. Even more than this very unique city and country, the true pleasure is in reuniting with my brothers and sisters here, and with the strong community of faith in this Underground Church, this is the greatest joy.

So I will be teaching here for five wonderful days, and I know they will go fast, returning back to the Philippines on Saturday. I am humbled to be teaching Christians such as these. I am privileged to contribute to what God is doing here in this place. I still marvel that I am even here doing this.


  1. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Sounds to me from this post that God's call is being confirmed. (I've been praying for this for you).


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