In Freezing Florida

I guess I should not be implying that Florida is going through a cold snap, most of the US is freezing to me because of air conditioning. Florida is actually pretty hot, not as hot as the Philippines, but still warm. A lot less humidity, so it does not really feel that hot to me. Of course every place I visit, a store or restaurant has the AC cranked. I am freezing.

I am enjoying spending time with my mom and brother. They have treated me to dinner and mom is spoiling me as usual at her home. I have also been driving, which has been kind of fun. We do not own a car in Iloilo, no need for one at this time, so the last time I actually got behind the wheel was in August. I have been cruising around taking care of errands, etc. and it has been kind of cool to go driving while listening to the radio.

Thursday I head to Jacksonville to go to Calvary World Headquarters, and then the missions conference starts on Friday. I will also get to spend some time with some friends in Jax. I return to my mom's on Sunday afternoon, then I get on the plane back to the Philippines on Monday.

Honestly, I can hardly wait to go back. While I am having a great time being with my family and friends here, and the conference will be a blessing, I REALLY miss Chris and my kids. These experiences are so much more fun with them.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    "where in the world is Dave" You should be here in Maryland, it's hotter than the Philippines, we have heat plus humidity.

    Check your e-mail... Brother Jim


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