Stateside for a Week

Going solo, I will be in the States for just one week. I am going to Florida to attend a missions conference at Christ the Redeemer Church in Jacksonville, FL. Since my mom lives just three hours away, this conference will also give me the opportunity to spend a few days with her and my brother.

Unfortunately, Chris and the kids will not be coming with me. Chris is too pregnant to fly, plus they will all be joining the Sonshine Center staff plus a team of missionaries from Christ for the Nations Institute at Camp Sonshine Guimaras. While I am looking forward to this conference and to some time with my family in Florida, I wish I could do camp in Guimaras. Last year we had over 400 campers for one week. It was a blast. One of my favorite camps we did.

To my fellow missionaries going to the conference, and to my friends and family living in Florida, I look forward to seeing you next week. I leave for Manila tomorrow, the States on Sunday, and arrive in Orlando the evening of Sunday the 28th. I return to Iloilo on June 6th. Please pray for my family while I am gone. I truly hate to be away from them.