As I mentioned before, going to movies here in the Philippines can be pretty inexpensive.

We saw the new Adam Sandler move Click.

Over all a pretty good movie with an excellent message. It was like Bruce Almighty in that it was a comedy about a person having super powers to manipulate his environment, and that he learns something in the end. The message of Click is the importance of taking care of your family.

Unfortunately what is left out of this movie is the necessity of Christ. I consider my family to be the most important people in my life. My ministry to my family comes before any ministry to Bible school students or street children. However, I know that without Christ in my life, I would utterly fail as a husband and a father. On my own I am too selfish. I do not have enough wisdom or patience to be the kind of man my family needs me to be. I need Christ to give me grace and strength. Left to my own resources I would fail.

Thankfully I am not without Christ. He gives me the wisdom when I need it. He gives me the patience when I am frustrated with discipling one of my kids. He gives me the strenght to stay up at night with Daniel when he won't go to sleep. He gives me a lifetime of love for Chris. He gives me everything I need.

The Bible says that apart from Christ, we can do nothing, and that we must remain in Him. The Bible also says that with HIm we can do all things. Jesus makes me the man my family needs me to be.