Officially a Baby WITH a Country

Daniel is now officially an American citizen. We had our interview at at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. It was merely a formality since both Chris and I are natural born American citizens. They had us raise our right hands and swear to tell the truth, asked us a few questions, confirmed that the baby passport picture we sent them matches the baby in our arms, then all was approved. We will get his passport via FedEx delivered to our home in Iloilo in about two weeks.

Manila is a huge town with almost 20 million people. While it does have some really nice malls and American restaurants, and plenty of Starbucks coffee shops, I am so glad we do not live here. I love our small provincial town of Iloilo with just under half a million people. We are enjoying our stay here visiting fellow missionaries and enjoying Chili's and California Pizza Kitchen for dinner, I am looking forward to being back home tomorrow evening.

We will do a bit more shopping, Chris will get a haircut, and we might even make a trip over to the mall with the new Taco Bell, then we leave for Iloilo tomorrow afternoon. This has been fun, but it will be good to be back home.