Happy Birthday to Me

In Asia it is customary for the birthday celebrant to pay for the birthday dinner, rather than the other way around in the States, where a bunch of friends and family take the birthday boy or girl out, and then chip into pay for the his or her meal. So if I am paying, and if it's for my birthday, then I will go with my favorite, pizza, and also my favorite pizza in Iloilo, Dos Marias.

Do not adjust your computer, the pizzas you see in the picture above are really that big, almost spilling over my dining room table. This is the famous thirty two inch pizza from Dos Marias, my favorite pizza pie in Iloilo, with great, thin crust, and a yummy, sweet sauce.

Chris also gave me a birthday treat of her famous carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  We invited friends and missionary "family" over for the party. There were no leftovers of the pizza, but there was cake leftover so I could enjoy it for breakfast the next day.


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