Under My Skin

A few days ago the interns conducted a survey of the San Isidro relocation village, a place of extreme poverty. The main purpose of the survey was for a future church plant in that village. We are working with Full Gospel Church, laying the ground work for what will hopefully one day be a daughter church planted in that village.

I spent the two days taking pictures and being a human jungle gym for these girls. It is hard to describe how my heart was broken by this precious children. Usually I don't get so involved, I am content to just facilitate ministry experiences for others and stay behind the camera and just take pictures.

These girls were starved for any kind of adult affection. They would sit in my lap and wrap my arms around them, and just soak up whatever love I could give them. We played silly games, talked and told jokes, sang songs, snacked on crackers and soda, etc. I did not ask about their fathers, if they were around or even living. I could tell they were starved for any kind of positive adult attention. They really got under my skin.

There is a major problem of fatherlessness in the Philippines. My heart breaks for children who are so starved not just for food but also for a father's love. So all we can do is try to show them the Father's love.