Iloilo is Home

We are all safely back home in Iloilo. We are starting to get settled back into our Filipino routine. It is always bittersweet to leave one home for another. It is, however, good to be back in our home in Iloilo. We are almost over jet lag, but this always takes time, having to endure some pretty rough days.

Also some of you may not be aware of this, Chris and the kids flew on a different flight than I. I flew on air miles, my tickets was very cheap. Because of this, they had a completely different flight plan. So that means Chris flew with all FOUR of our kids on the way back to the Philippines. Most of you know already that my wife is absolutely amazing. Praise God that all things worked out. We met in Hong Kong, then we were to fly to Manila together. Her flight was delayed so we had to overnight in Hong Kong instead of Manila, but this was a blessing in disguise for several reasons, not to mention that the airline paid for the hotel. Chris and the kids also got bulkhead seating on the long haul flight so they had more room and even a bassinet for Gabriella. God's favor continued to go before us when we landed in Manila. We all received a free one year visa, usually we get tourist visas that we have to renew every two months. Getting this one year visa will save us nearly $3,000!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our travels. Thank to you to all who are continuing to hold us tightly in prayer as we adjust back to Filipino life.