There is a Cost

In the Fall of 2003, about six months before we left for the mission field, I was driving with my then four year old son, Eric. Our family had already made the decision to make the leap to full time missions, departure date was June of 2004.

He was asking me about this next big thing in our family's life. He asked about his friends. Eric has been blessed with several lifelong friends--they are all still really close. He asked, "So when will they (his friends) be moving to the Philippines?"

Of course I told him that we were the only ones moving, that his friends and their families will remain in the Untied States. This was a cold dose of reality for him, realizing that his life-long, best friends would not be with him in the Philippines. With that realization, he began to cry . . . and cry . . . and cry. He did not want to leave his best friends.

Here we are again, getting ready to return to the Philippines, and the goodbyes are starting. Tonight Faithy started to get sad, faced with the fact that yet again she was going to have to leave her friends. She said she was looking forward to seeing her dog, Sam, but she did not want to leave her friends. She kept asking if there was some way we could have Sam sent here, and then we could remain in America, so she would not have to say goodbye again to her friends.

This breaks my heart.

This is part of the cost.

God give us all the grace and strength to count the cost.

(Thankfully our kids have some good friends in Iloilo.)


  1. It is hard for oneself but when it comes to your children it exceeds difficult. God will honor you guys Dave! Stay strong and think of the thousands of children that wouldn't have a friend or a smile if you guys weren't reacing out. Your children will be fine. God is the Father of them as well and has your heart for them and more. He can see the sad faces and will take care of them. Words are easy to write...but know we are praying for a new joy to invade your home.

  2. Jen, so good to hear from you and thanks for your prayers. Don't stop, your prayers are powerful and effective.


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