Day One, In-country

Back in (unnamed country), so good to be back. I had dinner with a good friend this night. He took me to a traditional (unnamed country) restaurant. We had noodle soup and spring rolls, all very good.

You may recall that this young student and I met through a chance encounter at a coffee shop. We maintained a friendship via email, and on my second trip here I felt that I should ask him to join the "family." He is totally on fire for the Boss. He has also led his grandmother and sister to the "family" as well.

He told me at dinner that he is so happy to be a follower of You Know Who. He says he is very happy and has purpose. He reads the w0rd everyday, and also is regularly "thinking" for his family and friends, also everyday. He is a changed person.

I am so encouraged to see him and hear him and his test1m0ny. He has always called me br0th3r, and that is especially true since we have the same f@th3r.

While I am enjoying being back here in (unnamed country), the hardest part of being here is leaving my family. I truly do not like being away from them. They are my favorite people, and I do not enjoy being apart from them. I know I have to leave them from time to time, but it is always hard. Keep them in your "thoughts," especially Chris--she is now outnumbered three to one.

Keep me in your thoughts as well, that all would be well, that those officials who disapprove of what I do here would be blind to my movements and actions. I know that the Boss is my strong t0w3r, and I can run to h1m and be safe.