Day Two, In-country

I still can't believe I am doing this. Here in this country, working with these believers, I still marvel that this is my job.

Had an incredible first day of teaching. Saw some familiar faces, and met thirty-five new students. Taught for about five hours. Of course, the day was broken by the traditional lunch and the after lunch nap.

Food here is so very healthy, and very good. Not like any other Asian food I have eaten, spicy, not spicy hot, just spicy as in full of different flavors. I usually eat the vegetarian option because it is usually the tastiest.

I am still so humbled by these believers. I cannot imaging the cost they must pay just to follow Christ. It is an honor to be among them, and I am humbled that I could even teach them anything, when they are such an example to me.

I get to do this for three more days, and I am so glad. Of course, I can't wait to see my family again. I have access to wireless Internet at a coffee shop near my hotel, so at least I can chat online with Chris each night.

Now to find some dinner . . .