Iloilo is Home

We are finally back home. We arrived in the Philippines early on the 14th. We eventually arrived at a missionary friend's home at 2:00 AM. We got some sleep, but since we were all so messed up schedulewise, it was still a rough night. After spending the day with missionary friends in Manila, we finally arrived in Iloilo the evening of the 14th around 8:00. We all crashed pretty hard, and thankfully everyone got some pretty good sleep.

This day, Thursday the 15th we went shopping at SM City, a local mall. We also got our cable and Internet reconnected. So life seems to be back to normal. It is so very good to be back home. Thanks to many of you who were preparing our way home, going before us in your prayers.


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    We miss you already Jimmy

  2. Jimmy,

    You are all missed as well.

    At the same time, we are getting more and more settled here in Iloilo. We got our Internet and cable TV reconnected--honestly I was surprised at how fast they were able to reconnect. Our leadership in Manila told us they want us to sit down with each missionary here to touch base with them, and asses how they are doing. We already met with Kay and Jesse, and Annie came over for dinner last night. We meet with Nate and Begs tomorrow, and I will hook up with Nomil later this week.

    Also I continue to prepare for my trip to VN next Monday, I know you are praying for that trip.

    Se we are definitely back in the swing of things.

    This week a team from the States will be in town, and the leader, Glenn, is the director of Discovery Missions at Calvary (the short term trip ministry). I will talk to him about the many elements that desire to come here in July. We just got another email from yet another person who wants to come here this summer. I will keep you posted on that effort in case you and your family desire to join their team. It appears that some kind of team or group will be coming here since so many want to come.

    I hope that you are all doing well, know that you are all missed very much. While it is always difficult to leave behind the friends and family that we love so much, I sit here at my desk in Iloilo, and know without a doubt that I am supposed to be here at this place for this time.

    thank you for being my true brother,


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